Flowers At Midnight - Terry holder

Terry Holder has gone and done it! I didn't think she could, but here she is at the top of her game once again.

Who could have known she could beat her last album? “Flowers At Midnight” is absolutely top notch. It flows smoothly, interconnecting and weaving from one track to the next.  Terry Holder has the vocal skills to capture one's imagination and attention like no other I know.  I was literally waiting with bated breath for this album.  Terry Holder has not disappointed.  This lady is sensual and driven to perfection.  A great combination to have.  Her lyrics are fabulous.  They not only tell a story, they allow you to live through them whilst hearing each track. 

The instrumentation is beyond good. Lord, such exceptional musicians working on this album!  No wonder it sounds brilliant.  It is cohesive and tight, bringing us to our knees!  I tell you, instrumentation can make or break you.  This album is perfection!

Wait till you hear it!  Each track was orchestrated with such great care to detail, and it definitely shows!  The production level is over the top good.  You can actually hear each instrument clearly but Terry Holder's brilliant vocal shines through.  Such a professional job.  Obviously, mixing and mastering did its job to the letter.  Fantastic job!!  Excellent recording!

Look, for me, this entire album is going to get a lot of airplay.  Each track is beautifully done and very easily addictive.  Something I always look for, but it is more than that.  I hear Terry Holders heart in each one.  She has given herself to this album, 100%.  That's a hard call these days.  Most don't have the capacity to give that much.  It's scary I know.  But Terry Holder is fearless; she is a true professional with a huge talent.  She has just proven herself once again.  Kudo's Terry. You hit this one outta the park, girl!! 

The 3 tracks I have singled out for this review are:

1 - To Love Her

This is an upbeat song with a gorgeous storyline.  Terry Holder nails the vocals on this track; so much so, the song stays with you all day.  You will be humming it for ages.  The guitar and drums will have you bopping in your shoes. Love, Love, Love it! The harmonies frame Terry Holders gorgeous voice and hold her high.  Simply beautiful! 

2 - Make Believe 

This track had me closing my eyes and swaying in my chair.  Such a heartfelt lyric!  This one pulls you in folks.  Instrumentation is exceptional and love the guitar solo! Harmonies once again are fantastic.  But lord lord, listen to Terry Holder's beautiful vocals.  Terry definitely raised the bar.  It’s getting to be a habit for Terry.

3 - Superman's Wife

Terry Holder has an "S" on her dress.  What a brilliant lyric!  This is yet another example of Terry Holders uncanny ability to wrap her spectacular voice around a lyric and marry it perfectly with a melody that will bring you to your knees.  Can I say more?  Superman's wife is orchestrated to win!  This is an absolute winner. 

Can you see a pattern? Angel Without Wings is my all-time Terry Holder Favorite. Without question!  It is sultry, bluesy and sexy!  Terry's exceptional vocal melts snow in Alaska in the middle of a snowstorm!  Love, Love, Love it!!!!!  Instrumentation and orchestration is above all expectations.  I will be wearing this one out!

I have to say picking 3 tracks out of this album "Flowers At Midnight" is ridiculous! Each and every track on this album is a favorite.  Look, grab your album today!  You will see exactly what I am talking about.  There is not one thing on this entire album I would change.  It is stunning!

And That's How I See It.

Yours in the music,

Shashona McCall 

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