August, 2019 - Terry and Jerry were delightful and audience-pleasing performers, and I was happy to host them again. Many audience members stuck around for well over an hour after the show to visit with them. I'm already looking forward to their next trip to the area. (B. Melendez) MN

December, 2018 - Terry & Jerry have played our series almost every year since we started. This year Terry was recovering from a broken ankle and had not been able to do shows for several months. But she and Jerry did a really terrific show (broken ankle and all) with a number of new songs. It's always great to have them play for the "home audience. (M. Kaufman) WA

December, 2017 - Terry is an outstanding songwriter and singer. Jerry lovingly accompanies his wife on guitar and harmonies. Fun and lively banter with each other and the audience. (K. Ziegler) NM

September, 2017 - Terry and Jerry delivered a wonderful evening of harmonies and musical craftsmanship based on Terry's original work as well as several covers that were over the moon. We have continued to received very positive feedback from our guests on the performance. Terry and Jerry pay attention to the details of their show and engage well with the audience. Additionally, they are thoughtful and appreciative house guests which makes it easy to recommend them to other hosts. (P. Kane) NM

May, 2017 - Terry Holder and her guitarist-husband Jerry were a charming combination. They were authentic, funny, and down-to-earth. Most of their material is original (mostly written by Terry), but they threw in a couple cover songs that meshed well with their style. Their rapport after 35 years of marriage is unbeatable! The audience loved them, and they stayed around long after the show to talk about their lives and their experiences on the road. (B. Melendez) MN

February, 2017 - Terry Holder has been a favorite of our audience since we began our series. We missed having her play here in 2016, but were thrilled to have her back this year. It was a full house to start our new season and Terry and Jerry did a terrific show for an appreciative audience. (M. Kaufman) WA 

October, 2016 - Terry and Jerry gifted us with an evening of heartfelt stories and songs that touched every single person in our audience in a profoundly emotional way. If you have a chance to book them, do. I can't remember a time when our audience has been so deeply moved -- have tissue handy when they play for you. Our audience loved them, and they were thoughtful house guests, too. (C. Wood) OR

April, 2016 - Terry Holder is great! Everything about the experience was wonderful. It turns out that her daughter lives nearby and she was able to make it out to the concert, which made it extra special. (J. Taylor) IL

January, 2016 - We've been booking Terry nearly every year for about 9 years. Always new material and has developed a strong following. Beautiful voice and great audience rapport. (N. Pepperdine) WA

January, 2016 - Terry and Jerry were a delightful addition to our "Pre-Christmas" celebration. They matched their delivery to our audience and filled our evening with good music and conversation. (C. Singer) IL

June, 2015 - What joy it gives us to present this couple to or friends & neighbors. We have had the honor of hosting them 3 times & we love them more each time. Terry and Jerry are wonderful friends & house guests and we are looking forward to next time. (J. Borger) NM

April, 2015 - Bravo! Bravo! We loved them both. They are a beautiful match. Terry has thought-provoking lyrics & a clear-as-a-bell voice. Jerry's voice blends perfectly & his guitar playing is great. Please return....& let's book northern New Mexico, too! (S. Duenker) NM

February, 2014 - Terry has played our anniversary concert since our series began. This was her fifth and probably the best so far. She released a new CD this year that is terrific and has won several awards for her songwriting. Terry has a wonderful voice and she has honed her guitar playing and songwriting to become a complete performer. She was backed up by several musicians who played on it and they blended perfectly with her singing and playing. Can't wait for next year's show! (M. Kaufman) WA

August 2013 - Terry and Jerry were a resounding success! Their unique combination of outstanding melodies, poetic lyrics, and repartee with the audience between songs made for a most enjoyable evening, start to finish. I'm loving my Flowers at Midnight CD now. (M. Marin) MI

June 2103 - Terry is a great perfomer. She co-billed with John Batdorf for this show. The two of them together are wonderful. Their talents fill the house and keep people coming back. (J. Libstaff) WA

December 2012 - Terry and Jerry Holder’s show was entertaining, professional, and witty. The repartee between Terry and Jerry was humorous and revealing. Terry’s songs were very personal and she easily held the rapt attention of the audience with her words and music. If you have the opportunity, I strongly recommend that you book a house concert with Terry and Jerry Holder. (R. Beliveau) AZ

July  2012 - Terry and Jerry Holder had our largest audience ever under their spell 1/2 way thru the first song to the last note of the last song and a standing ovation. The relationship with the audience is so important and they have it down pat. Great house guests and the nicest people you will ever meet. They made up for the sun that abandoned us that day. (J. Borger) WA


September  2011 - I saw Terry Holder a year ago for the first time. We wanted to present her and Jerry from the beginning. It took a year to finally match our schedules and it was worth the wait. The audience loved them. They have a warm and witty quality in their relationship with the audience and their music is wonderful. (J. Libstaff) WA


November 2011 - When I decided to start a concert series in 2010, Terry was my choice to open our series. Her show was great and I knew that I wanted to have her back again this year. She has a terrific voice and her songs span a range of moods and styles from quiet love songs (Let's Go Away) to a rollicking road song (Turn The Car Back Around). Her husband, Jerry, backs her up with skilled guitar work and harmonies. I've also seen her play in other settings and she always gets a terrific response from the audience. She has become one of our favorite singer/songwriters and has sold out all of her Olympia Acoustic shows. Terry will be the featured artist for our annual anniversary concert. (M. Kaufman) WA