"Ticket to the Moment," 2009 - The lovely C# minor guitar arpeggio that opens "Cross Your Mind" makes a statement. Throughout, this record will have no fear of being pretty. In an album where most everyone is falling in or out of love, there's little new to say, but all the loveliness proves more than enough to keep this disk in the player. The highlight of the record is a revelatory cover of Phil Everly's "When Will I Be Loved." I always considered the versions we've heard before -- even the Brothers' -- a bit too jaunty. In this down-tempo take, just the knife on strings slide is enough to make you weep let alone Holder's sultry-sad vocals. "Satellite's" shimmering twelve-string Rickenbacker suggests someone's a Byrds fan. This track should come with a warning label: when Ms. Holder coos, "Let's drink fine red wine in my living room," some listeners will find themselves combing their hair and donning their snazziest outfits.