Press Article

If you haven’t paid attention to the music of Terry Holder, slap yourself, hard. That’s pretty much how I felt when I first listened to her. I first came across her at Folk Alliance a couple of years ago. I didn't know who she was at the moment, but I knew something special was happening. Ticket To The Moment is Terry’s third album. Holder continues to explore her passions through her heartfelt and gutsy songs. The CD delivers her emotionally driven songs around lyrics that take you on a journey with flashes of abandon, heartbreak, love, social- and self-awareness. What amazes me about Terry Holder is her ability to write songs that are so different in sound, but so true to talent. “Cross Your Mind” rocks out with a hint of sassiness that’s provocative. Your toes end up tapping to the strong back beat before you know it. “In God’s Eye” continues to show off Terry’s amazing ability to craft lyrics that evoke a response, whether positive or negative. “Wrecking Ball” is a classic country & western ballad (look out, Nashville). Great imagery! On the Ocean” shows a totally different style. You’ll love her wonderful cover of the Everly Brothers tune “When Will I be Loved?” Recorded in Seattle and Anchorage, she was joined in the studio by veteran musicians Freebo, Gary Shelton, Joel Tepp, Ben Smith, Jerry Holder, John Nyman, Cynthia Morrow and John Morton. Go to www.terryholder.com for concert information and CDs. Terry now resides in Olympia, Washington. I hope they realize what a treasure they have in their back yard! (Matthew Moeller)